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Continental drift

You can see the shape of the continents in transition periods from the Triassic period to modern period

Disaster Study

You can learn the history of the natural disaster in Kochi Prefecture here.

Protect from Natural disasters ・ The mechanism of Earthquake
Kochi is hit by “Nankai” or Southern sea earthquake once every 100-150 years interval. Do you know the mechanism of the earthquake?

The surface of the earth is made up of plates, giant bedrocks, which move very slowly against one another. Off the coast of Tosa bay, subduction zone of trench lies
Kochi prefecture is situated on the margin of the Eurasian plate. Philippines plate is slowly being pushed down under the Eurasian plate in Bay Tosa offing. This movement causes the tension to be built up around the border between the two plates.
Once the tension becomes too much for the plates to take, the Eurasian plate springs back up and this movement causes the tidal wave or “Tsunami”.

Solar system

When you look up, you can see the Earth where we live and Solar System where our planet belongs.

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